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Privacy Policy

Segnatura Fine Arts (Segnatura FA) collects information from customers for the purpose of completing transactions, with customer satisfaction and privacy foremost in our priorities. Customers’ personal information, including email addresses, will not be sold nor shared with any party, except as necessary to resolve problems or disputes. Information will not be sold or distributed to anyone else. Segnatura FA will take reasonable steps to assure that information collected from consumers is accurate and secure from unauthorized use.

Customers’ financial information is neither viewed nor collected by Segnatura FA as all payments are conducted through PayPal. (Please refer to PayPal’s Privacy Policy). No financial or billing information is being collected or stored by Segnatura FA.

Segnatura FA does collect and store contact information from a variety of sources. The information is collected to inform individuals about our products and services. Customers’ contact information may be used to solicit, notify or advertise products or activities by Leonard Porter Studio.

Customers and anyone on our contact list may view or revise the information we have on file upon request. In addition, they may request to receive no further communication from us (opt out). Anyone receiving unwanted communications from Segnatura FA is requested to contact us immediately so we can remove their name from our contact list.

Email communications comply with the Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection Compliance Guide for Business. Segnatura FA will use reputable services and suppliers with regard to email communications.

If you would like to be notified of new products, news and/or events, you are invited to join our email mailing list.



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